Ultimate Cock Ring: Customer Testimonials

Below are a few of the recent testimonials we have received:

"I ordered the ultimate cockring and I just had the most incredible sex back to back. I had hard intense sex with my wife until she was exhausted. It gave me so much control over my cock, and made it thicker. She has never been so horney in her life, and I pleased her like no women has been pleased before. I am going to recomened it to everyone, cause everyone should have one!!!!!!"

"Not sure where to send this, but WOW! Amazing product, went from about 10 to 15 min to 45 min first time using! Cant wait to use it again!!!! Thanks for the C-ring, well worth the money!"
Pleased as well as pleasing!
Scot F.

"It has revitalized our sex life and we are approaching 80."

"I just wanted to write and tell you guys how happy I am with your cockring. I never used one before and so I had no idea if it could help me or not but I gave it a shot anyway. Long story short it has completely changed my sex life!!! I can't thank you enough..."

"Wow! I ordered on Friday and got it on Monday. We had to try it last night and it was great. Everything you said. I lasted a lot longer (45 minutes). Thanks for a great product. I'll be ordering more. 

"Hi, Just to give you some feedback. My wife and I have had so much enjoyment from the Ultimate C-ring. She finds me bigger and the stimulation from it wonderful. I have found my orgasms really intense. Thoroughly recommend it. Thanks"

"Good day, You have a terrific product. It does improve the rigidity and sensation better than others I've tried."
Jerry G.

"this cockring was the best thing I've ever tried. Being diabetic I am using erectile dysfunction drugs but they didn't work for me so I'm very grateful that I stumbled upon your ultimate cock ring."

"This is the best cock ring I've ever used..."
Richard D.

"I bought the Ultimate Ring after ordering the massive member penis enlargement program and found that my penis is too small to do some of the exercises with 2 hands. I am glad that you mention using your Ultimate Ring in place of a hand since I could not find any other way to do it. It has helped tremendously and I can now do the exercises easily. I like the ring so much I tried it during sex with my wife just to see if it would help like you say and it did. I lasted a lot longer than usual and when I took of the ring to cum it was like a dam busting loose is the only way I can explain it. I want to buy another one to keep in the nightstand by our bed!"

"I just got the ring today - wow, that was fast! I was anxious to try it so I used it right away with my penis exercises and it was incredible! Works much better than my hand for a tourniquet as you claim so I had to write and thank you for the suggestion."

"...the ring (Ultimate Cock Ring) fits great and it really works."

"I would like to thank you for the fast shipment of the Ultimate Cock Ring. It does just what you advertised that it would do. My wife was impressed with how long I was able to make love to her. Thank you so much."

"I have always had problems with sex cumming too fast and have even tried to help with pills and a cream but they didn't really work and cost a lot but with your cockring I notice a difference right away and I use it every time."

"Nice ring, better than the others I've tried before. I'm sold."
No Name Given

"Hi Austin Research Support, Received my order today and we are both very pleased. Worked really great for me, and my girlfriend loves the constant size affect. She wishes that they were clear, because I have very light public hair so she sees the black ring when she is up close and raising me up, but she really loves the constant size once it's in. Can I use the ring with Viagra? or am I pushing the envelope here. I am very satisfied that we are both being thrilled now? (Viagra does give me a slight headache and the ring doesn't). Thanks for your excellent service and your great web site for the use and care of the ring. You saved the day (or night I should say) for both of us, and I am sure I won't lose her now. Any thought to a hi-tech model that would vibrate? (her suggestion not mine). Thanks again for your great product and speedy service, appreciate it."
Dave R.

"I can't believe I ordered this yesterday and it is here today already. A+ service!"

"By the way, it was the first time either my lady friend or I have had any experience with a c-ring and she liked it!"

"Dear Ultimate Cock Ring
I purchased one of your ring 2 weeks ago, but I didn't receive it until recently due to the shipping from United States to Canada. I was very excited to use the cock ring for the penis enlargement exercise I use and it worked great just as I had hoped. Thank you for offering such a ring to help me."

"Dear Sir: I have order and tried you product sever several tines. I find it great, and I’ll continue to use it. Thank you,"

"I purchased one of your Ultimate cock rings, It works very well, Its the first cock ring I have ever tried and I really like it and it is really helping with making me wait longer before I cum. My question is can I wear it with a rubber? I appreciate your help in this matter."

"I love your product!"
Pete G.

"Hello guys if you check your records you will find this is my third set of cock rings I order them three at a time . Yes they are the greatest I have ever used. I use them in conjucntion with my excercises and I value the help they give me while excercising."
Dennis S.

"hello, My name is Paul, and I recently ordered one of these rings, auctually it was given complimentary with another order. But anyway, I really do like it. Can I get a discount if I buy 2 more since I already got 1? Dont push reply cause I can't check the address I'm sending this from."

"I received my order in a very reasonable time. And I pleased with it. It is indeed a pleasure doing business with a (forgive me.....NO BULLSHIT) company. (And they are becoming very,very, rare, I'm afraid). I thank you for your promptness, kindness, and no excuses approach. And for making my Day!!!"

"Dear Sir, I started using the Ultimate Cock Ring few weeks ago. it is good because it delays the ejaculation while wearing it. very happy with it thank you somuch."
Mark M.

"I wanted to drop you a line about the ultimate cock ring I just received. My wife and I both love it! I just received it today after ordering Wednesday(?) of last week very fast!"

"I bought this for my husband because he has a little trouble with his control and let me tell you, it has made a world of difference in our love-making! He was hesitant to try it at first but now he's the one reaching for it when we start to make love. Great product - thanks so much!"


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